January 27, 2011

Drive Safe!

Texting and driving.  There are statistics and warnings about the dangers posted all over billboards/tv ads/radio plugs and yet I'm a repeat offender almost every time I get in my car.  Is letting somone know that I just LOL'd really worth it?  This video really puts it into perspective...


Photo Source

*  According to texting-while-driving.org, a car and driver study compared the distance required to stop while driving 35 mph.  Relative to an unimpeded driver, a drunk driver travels 4 more feet before stopping.  A driver that's been texting?  They travel 25 more feet before coming to a complete stop! 

That's craziness!!!

January 24, 2011

My Most Perfect Purchase!!!!

Most people that have been out with me on the weekends, or even those of you that are my Facebook friends, are quite aware that I find great enjoyment in drawing a mustache on my finger and taking pictures with it all night. Example:


Hilarious! One of these days I'm gonna get this done permanently... you just wait. 

BUT, until then, I found the most perfect thing on the planet and it will be in my hands in 7 - 10 business days!!!!!!!!!!!

This Monday just got so much freaking better!!!!!!

January 12, 2011

Adventures in Dating

A couple weeks ago I gave in and joined match.com. Now, I know you're thinking I'm an idiot because we all remember how ridiculous my eHarmony experience was, BUT in my defense, I know people that have been on it and really enjoyed it... plus, I had a coupon! 

I've also approached this round of online dating with an open mind and I'm trying to not judge people like I normally would. I'm growing up!!!! So I've been emailing a couple people, most of which I'm not really interested in, but trying to give them a chance. One of them asked me out last week. I should probably note that as part of his invitation, he included "and as always, it's ladies choice and gentleman's treat." Who says that?!?! Needless to say, I still said yes.  Instead of the proposed dinner, I offered a coffee date instead because, let's face it, I can chug down some coffee real quick if it's going horrific. I'm not about to be at the mercy of the wait staff for 2 hours.

When I walked into the coffee shop, instead of standing up to greet me or introducing himself, he looks at me, taps his watch face, and says "You're 3 minutes late." And no, he wasn't kidding. I shrug it off and sit down to find that he's already ordered food and a drink for himself. Apparently those were precious precious 3 minutes... Ladies choice and gentleman's treat only counts if you're on time.

He offers to buy my drink, which I consider for a moment just to punish him for being a douche, and then get up to buy it myself. Turns out that was a good choice because I had a far better conversation with the barista in the 3 minutes it took to make my drink than I had with the date. Talking to him was like pulling teeth... come to think of it, the dentist might have been more fun. Luckily, the coffee shop was hosting a Connect 4 tournament in a few days so they had games out for everyone to play. Had we not had Connect 4, there would have been no connection.

After an hour, I tell him I need to go home and get doped up on cold meds so I can sleep. We head outside, where I've already planned my gracious exit and then he drops the bomb... "So, I've had my first audition... do I get a second?" Mi scuse?!!?! He thought that went well enough for round 2?!?! 

No no my friend. Thanks for playing. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Game over.

Stay tuned for future shit-shows, folks....

January 4, 2011

Happy New Year from Me and the Pups

Obvs Lillie and Murphy are REAL excited about taking this....